Residential Permit Types and Processes

First, do you need a permit? Click here for complete details on "When Permits are Required". If yes, a permit is required, then what type of permit do you need? The different Residential Permit Types are listed below with all the information you need to to know about how to obtain the required permits so you can get started on your project.

Residential Permit Types and Processes Handouts

Click on the colored text below for complete details on the permitting process for each permit type listed.
  • Residential New - for constructing a new One or Two Family Dwelling
  • Residential Addition - for constructing an addition onto an existing structure such as a covered deck or porch, a screened in deck or porch, a sun room, master bedroom, bathroom, extending a room, etc.
  • Residential Alteration, Renovation and/or Repair - for interior renovations such as removing, adding or relocating walls or structural framing members. Basically, if you remove sheet-rock (gypsum boards) or the existing wall covering a permit will most likely be required. Please contact an inspector or the building official at 865-675-2384 for clarification.
  • Residential Accessory Structure - for constructing or moving on site a detached accessory structure such as a storage building (site built or prefabricated), detached garage, pool house, etc. (Some situations may require a Zoning Permit Only, contact the Town for more information as needed at 865-675-2384.
  • Decks - when altering, repairing, renovating and/or constructing a new deck a permit is required. This permit type is for open decks only, no roof over them.
  • Crawlspace and/or Foundation Alterations, Repairs and/or Renovations - for crawlspace encapsulations, drainage systems, insulation changes, and/or repairs and for any structural foundation repairs such as installing helical or push piers, carbon fiber, additional concrete or masonry piers, beams, girders, etc.
  • Swimming Pools - for installation of any above ground or in ground swimming pool that is greater than 24" in depth
  • Plumbing / Gas / Mechanical/ and Fireplaces - when obtaining a stand alone permit for mechanical change outs and or installation of new appliances that require a permit. Also, for obtaining a sub-trade permit for an Existing Project, "Add to Existing Permit" to install new mechanical systems, piping, ventilation, and appliances.
Commercial Construction Permits: very similar to Residential but may have additional requirements. Please consult with the Town of Farragut Commercial Plans Review Examiner or Building Official for more information on Commercial Projects.

Fire Safety Permits: Additional information concerning the required fire safety permits will be posted when it becomes available.

Planning and Zoning Permits: Additional information concerning the required planning and zoning permits will be posted when it becomes available.