Subdivision Traffic Calming Updates

The current status for each existing Traffic Calming Application is shown below.  If your subdivision has begun the voting process the number of votes that approve or disapprove of the proposed solution are shown in the table.  The Town's Traffic Calming Policy states that the public vote must have approval from 65% of the returned ballots in order for the measure to pass and move to the next step in the Traffic Calming Policy.  The voting deadline is also shown in the table; all ballots must be delivered to Town Hall by close of business (COB) on the day of the deadline.   Vote counts for each subdivision are updated every Monday by 5:00 PM. If you have specific questions about the application for your neighborhood or street please contact our Assistant Town Engineer, Matt Brazille, at (865) 966-7057 or


There are no current traffic calming applications in process.