Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming is an effort to change driver actions by self-enforcing physical measures that will reduce travel speeds on roadways.

Speed reduction can be accomplished using vertical impediments such as speed cushions, speed tables, and raised intersections or via horizontal impediments such as traffic circles or chicanes.  According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), various methods of traffic calming can:

  • Improve the overall "feel" of the street;
  • Enhance aesthetic values and a sense of nature;
  • Reduce crime;
  • Maintain balance among transportation modes;
  • Increase safety and decrease severity of vehicular crashes;
  • Improve air quality and noise levels;
  • Decrease fuel consumption; and
  • Continue to accommodate motor vehicle traffic.

Traffic Calming has been used in Europe for many years, but is a relatively recent engineering tool that has grown in popularity the last decade in the United States.  Traffic calming is typically requested in existing residential neighborhoods where speeding and cut-through traffic are perceived as a problem by residents. The engineering department executes the guidelines set forth by the Town's Traffic Calming Policy and provides technical guidance and expertise; however property owners decide whether traffic calming is appropriate for their neighborhood or street.

The Town of Farragut's current Traffic Calming Policy, as adopted by the Board of Mayor and Alderman in September 2020, allows residents on interior residential streets or local collector streets with a minimum of 50% of the parcels developed with residential homes with driveway access to apply for traffic calming.  For more information and to read the Town's Traffic Calming Policy click here.

If you are interested in applying for traffic calming you must first determine whether your street or subdivision is part of a Homeowner's Association (HOA).  The application process for those neighborhoods and/or streets without an HOA is different from a neighborhood with an HOA, so please ensure that you verify this information.  The Town's Traffic Calming Policy (link above) can provide more detail on this topic.  Residents can apply for traffic calming via the Town's new online web portal (  After creating an account select traffic calming as your concern and complete the appropriate application steps.

  • If you reside in a neighborhood or on a street that is a part of an HOA click here for an example Traffic Calming Application.
  • If you reside in a neighborhood or on a street without an HOA click here for an example Traffic Calming Application.

If you would like an update on an existing traffic calming application please click here.

Download Farragut View Public Meeting Presentation HERE