Campbell Station Inn

The Town purchased the Campbell Station Inn and the surrounding 2.26 acres in 2012 because of the site’s rich history and prominent location. While the future use of the building has yet to be determined, the house will continue to grace the intersection of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road for years to come due to ongoing restoration work.

The west wing, the kitchen addition and the screened porch on the east side have been removed, and the former pet day care building behind the inn has been removed. The brick on the entire house has been repointed and a new roof has been installed.

Interior repairs to walls, floors and ceilings and installation of new wiring, new heat and air, and a sprinkler system are now complete.

Phase 3 renovations – construction of new entrance roads, a plaza, parking, a restroom and park-like open spaces– are expected to be completed by winter 2020.

Picture of the Campbell Station Inn front side taken January 2019
Picture of the Campbell Station Inn rear side taken in January 2019
Picture of the Campbell Station Inn interior