Traffic Signal Timing Optimization

Project Description:

The Town of Farragut submitted a grant application to seek funding to optimize signal timing, as well as minor upgrades, to traffic signal system hardware via the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Grant Program. The application was successfully awarded by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), thus this project is 100% funded via the CMAQ Grant Program.

The project scope includes traffic data collection, existing conditions analysis, traffic signal timing plan development with implementation, and before and after travel time studies.  Additionally, the project scope allows for some minor infrastructure upgrades at a couple of intersections.

Optimizing the Town’s traffic signal system will allow for more efficient management of the transportation network. Travel time and traffic delays will be decreased, which will in turn decrease air emissions. This effort will play an integral part in the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization’s goal to protect roadway capacity, address congestion mitigation, and maximize air quality improvements.

Project Designer:

Cannon & Cannon, Inc.

Current Contract Amount:



Engineering Department (865) 966-7057


 The project designer made timing coordination adjustments to all of the Town's traffic signals. The signals will continue to be monitored. Bids were opened on April 22, 2018, for infrastructure upgrades and Progression Electric, LLC, is the apparent low bidder ($51,045.93). Anticipated completion date is November 2018.