ADA Information

The Town of Farragut provides services and programming to all of our citizens. It is the policy of the Town of Farragut not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Public Law 93-112, and Public Law 101-336 in its hiring, employment practices and programs.

To request advance accommodations due to disabilities for a meeting, program, special event, athletic event, or any other activity sponsored by the Town of Farragut, please contact 
Janet Curry at 865-966-7057.

ADA Grievances

The Americans With Disabilities Act Grievance Procedure is established to meet the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).  It may be used by anyone who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in the provision of services, activities, programs, or benefits by the Town of Farragut.  The Town's Personnel Policy governs employment related complaints of disability discrimination.  

A complaint should be in writing and contain information about the alleged discrimination such as name, address, phone number of complainant and location, date, and description of the problem.  For more information or to file a complaint, please review the ADA Grievance Procedure and Discrimination Complaint Form.

Alternative means of filling complaints, such as personal interviews or a tape recording of the complaint, will be made available for persons with disabilities upon request. 

A complaint should be submitted by the complainant and/or his/her designee as soon as possible but no later than 60 calendar days after the alleged violation.  Submit complaints to:
Janet Curry, Human Resources Manager and ADA Coordinator
11408 Municipal Center Drive
Farragut, TN 37934

Grievances, Complaints and Investigations

The Town of Farragut treats ADA/ADAAA requests for accommodations and violation complaints very seriously.  
    • All complaints, written or verbal, shall be accepted.  In the event a complainant sets forth the allegations verbally, is unable to write, or refuses to reduce such allegations to writing, the person to whom the complaint is made should reduce the elements of the complaint to writing.  The complainant must sign the written request/complaint.
    • All requests/complaints shall be responded to, recorded, investigated, and maintained on file by the ADA Coordinator, or his/her designee.
    • All requests/complaints shall be handled within 90 days of their receipt.

Guidelines for Processing Requests/Complaints:

  1. Maintain a log of all requests/complaints and appeals
  2. The ADA Coordinator will initiate the investigation by first contacting the complainant by telephone within fifteen (15) calendar days of receiving the request/complaint
      • The complainant will be informed that they have the right to have a witness or representative during the interview
      • Submit any documentation he/she perceives as relevant to proving his/her complaint
  3. The ADA Coordinator will determine, based on relevancy or duplication of evidence, which witness will be contacted and questioned
  4. The ADA Coordinator will contact the complainant at the conclusion of the investigation, but prior to writing the final report, and give the complainant an opportunity to give a rebuttal statement only at the end of the investigation process
  5. A citizen request for accommodations shall receive the results of the investigation in a final report.  The final report will include the following:
      • the written complaint containing the accommodation needed, incident, deficiency in buildings, parks, etc., basis, and date of filing
      • summarized statements taken from witnesses (if appropriate and neccessary)
      • finding the facts
      • opinion (based on all evidence in the record) that the issue or need is substantiated or unsubstantiated
      • remedial action(s) recommendations for substantiated cases
  6. If the Town agrees to a remedy, accommodation, etc., it will be implemented in a timely manner
For more information or to file a complaint, please review the ADA Grievance Procedure and Discrimination Complaint Form.
  1. Janet Curry

    Human Resources Manager