Everett Road Improvement Project

Project Description:  

The Town of Farragut is improving this narrow two-lane road from Union Road to Split Rail Lane with a completely new wider two-lane curbed section, a walking trail and sidewalk. The existing roadway, in most places, must be completely removed and rebuilt. The construction also requires upgrades to three concrete box culverts and a pipe culvert.  

Project Designer:

Robert G. Campbell & Associates, L.P.

Project Construction Engineering & Inspection:

Qk4, Inc.

Construction Contractor:

McKinnon Construction Co., LLC

Current Contract Amount:


Project Schedule:

Bid Opening: April 24, 2015
Notice to Proceed: June 4, 2015
Completion Date: on or before October 31, 2016 (Extended to on or before December 2, 2016)


 Engineering Department (865) 966-7057

Status as of 12/1/2016:   All work should be substantially complete on December 2nd.  There may be some miscellaneous clean up items remaining.