Farragut Outdoor Classroom

Farragut Outdoor Classroom & Water Quality Demonstration Space

OC Concept Plan
Outdoor Classroom Concept Plan
The Farragut Outdoor Classroom & Water Quality Demonstration Site is an interactive community space with two primary purposes that differentiate it from a traditional park setting. First, the space was created to demonstrate water quality best management practices that can be used to reduce stormwater runoff. Second, the space was created to rally the community around a location to do projects that nurture a greater sense of civic engagement, community ownership and understanding of the natural world.

If you would like to get involved with this remarkable project as a volunteer for a service project, sponsor or some other way, contact Stormwater Coordinator Lori Saal at or (865)966-7057.

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Take a Tour!

Visit and explore the Outdoor Classroom by viewing the virtual tour. This tour introduces viewers to the current and past projects on site as well as the water quality demonstrations installed. 

Current & Past Projects
010416_Cistern Artwork (6)
Rainwater Harvesting

Seasonal Food - Girl Scout Cadette Troop 20369 &
Girl Scout Brownie Troop 20896


Senior Water Quality Research Project - Farragut High School 

Native Warm Season Grasses - Farragut High School - Science Dept.

Seasonal Food / Flowers - Farragut High School - Horticulture Club

Artistic Cistern Project - Farragut High School & Curtis Glover Creative

 Picnic Tables - Boyscout Troop #444 - Eagle Scout Project - Sean Keough

Raised Bed Planters - Boyscout Tropp #444 - Eagle Scout Project - Joey Barnett

Raided Bed Planters - Boyscout Troop #444 - Eagle Scout Project - Spencer Flint

Rain Garden - Pellissippi State Community College

Rain Garden Sign - Greenway School

Need some ideas for other potential projects?
Check out this fantastic publication by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville titled "Developing an Outdoor Classroom to Provide Education Naturally." It has lots of project ideas and ways that an OC can be tied into subject area for educators.

Water Quality Demonstrations
Permeable Concrete at Outdoor Classroom
Something that really makes this space stand out from other outdoor classroom spaces in the region is the comprehensive focus on water quality. The 2010 NPDES Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit under which the Town of Farragut operates to protect water quality calls for the broad utilization of infiltration, evapotranspiration and rainwater harvesting technologies in the development process. With this in mind, the Outdoor Classroom was constructed with examples of all of these technologies.

Special Thanks to Our Partners
A space like this could not occur without tremendous partner support, and we would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their contributions to this project:

Boy Scout Troop #444
Corporation for National And Community Service
Knoxville Community Action Committee (AmeriCorps)
Pellissippi State Community College
Tennessee Department of Agriculture 319(h) Non-Point Source Pollution Grant Program
Tennessee Stormwater Association, Green Development Grant
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA)
Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association (TRPA)
Water Quality Forum