Municipal Good Housekeeping

Town Staff Maintaining Green Space
Town Staff Maintaining Green Space
Town of Farragut staff strive to be thoughtful in their everyday operations and lead by example in the community by integrating principles of municipal stormwater policy into everyday operations.

Staff involved in the review, installation and maintenance of stormwater best management practices are kept current on sediment and erosion control installation and maintenance techniques as well as general water quality policy through continuing education. 

The Town conducts, at a minimum, quarterly maintenance of catch basins, street sweeping and removal of animal waste from receptacles in Town parks. Most recently, in 2011, small (20 gallon) spill prevention kits were installed at all Town of Farragut facilities and in some Town vehicles to allow for immediate response to small threats to our storm sewer system and water quality.

Internal audits for water quality concerns are conducted on an annual basis as part of our Stormwater Matters program.