Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Conducting Visual Assessment
Staff Conducting a Visual Stream Assessment
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) is a technical term for the process of tracking down sources of pollution & illegal dumping in the community and the process of eliminating these problems once they are identified. The Town of Farragut has implemented a suite of measures consistent with the latest municipal stormwater permit to actively discover these concerns. Nonetheless there is no substitute for an aware citizens. If YOU see something of concern, please get in touch.

**Only Rain Down the Storm Drain. Report Illegal Dumping by email!**

It is a violation of the Stormwater Ordinance to introduce any discharge not composed entirely of stormwater into the municipal storm sewer system.

The Town of Farragut conducts Visual Stream Corridor Assessments based on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Stream Corridor Assessment Protocol to better understanding the impacts that various land uses are having on our storm sewer system. In addition, the Town conducts biological monitoring and E.coli testing to identify and track other indicators of stream health.

Pipe Crossings
Pipe Outfall & Pipe Crossing
Annual Dry Weather Screening
The Town of Farragut assesses the Outfalls and Stormwater Infrastructure of commercial and Industrial zoned properties on an annual basis to assure that hazardous materials such as oil, gasoline, cooking grease and detergents aren't being dumped into local waterways. Business & industrial operations of particular concern include automotive, food service and laundry facilities because of their operational byproducts. Large paved areas where there is an elevated likeliness of contaminated runoff from parked cars are also of concern.