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The Thread That Connects Us...
rain garden plant install5
Students and faculty from Pellissippi State Community
College install a rain garden at the Outdoor Classroom.
The Town of Farragut's Stormwater Matters program conducts education and outreach efforts that emphasize public involvement and take a watershed approach to protecting water quality by reaching across political and geographic jurisdictions working with the City of Knoxville, Knox County and other public and private entities invested in maintaining and protecting water quality in East Tennessee.  This is done through extensive participation in the Water Quality Forum and the Tennessee Stormwater Association.

In addition the Town of Farragut has identified "hot spots", or areas of elevated likeliness of producing water pollution, and provides education as well as regulatory oversight to the operators of these hot spots by offering workshops  and Dry Weather Screening. 
There Are Numerous Ways That YOU Can Participate
trash monster
"Trash Monster" speaks to festival-goers
at Earthfest 2015

The Town of Farragut leads or participates in the following activities heavily and there is almost always room to accommodate more volunteers and public participation.

Outdoor Classroom
The Town of Farragut's Outdoor Classroom and Water Quality Demonstration Site located at the intersection of North Campbell Station Road and the entrance to Farragut High School is an applied learning space where groups can "adopt" a plot and implement a project.  To learn more, visit the Outdoor Classroom page.

Clean, Protect, Restore (CPR) & River Rescue:
This is a one day community clean-up of local streams, rivers and dump sites.  Sites are located throughout the Knox County area and one of them will be close to you.  It's a great way to get out, make a difference and build fellowship.

A day of water quality education for elementary students at Ijams Nature Center in South Knoxville.  This year about 800 children were taught about water pollution.  This is combined with a youth environmental art and poetry contest where the winning artists have their work featured on t-shirts distributed the day of the event.

The Water Quality Forum in cooperation with the Town of Farragut, Knox County and the City of Knoxville have partnered to form the Adopt-A-Stream Program, a citizen-based monitoring and litter prevention initiative intended to protect the health and serenity of our local waterways and educate our communities on the environmental concerns that impact them every day. Our goal is to bolster our citizen's capacity to inspire positive environmental and social change through an elevated awareness of water quality issues, training on stream health monitoring, and an intimate involvement in the solution process through cleanups and other means reducing trash in and around our waterways. Our shared vision is that all of the streams flowing through the Town of Farragut, Knox County, and the City of Knoxville will be adopted and collectively cared for by citizens, businesses, and organizations in our communities.

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Creativity Is Key
trash ball at admiral farragut statue
Trash Ball visits the Admiral
Farragut Statue before being
installed at Town Hall
In 2011 Stormwater Matters received a small grant from the Water Quality Forum that allowed it to partner with the Trash Collective, a local art team dealing with solid waste awareness, to produce a high impact art installation in the rotunda of Town Hall featuring a nearly 6' tall Trash Ball to get people thinking about solid waste and to bring to light that there is no such place as "away."  "Away", as it turns out, ends up being parks, greenways, streams and eventually rivers and lakes.
The challenges facing water quality in the Town of Farragut and East Tennessee as a whole are complex and multi-faceted and it will take a great deal of creativity on behalf of communities in the region to find the solutions that are right for them.  Stormwater Matters seeks to embrace creative approaches to reaching people and if you have a unique idea or skill that you would like to contribute, get in touch.

The Town of Farragut has created the following brochures to educate the public and a variety of targeted segments about preventing water pollution.

Stormwater Matters!! - A Town of Farragut Guide to Healthy Habits for Clean Water
Distributed annually with the Town of Farragut's Annual Report, this brochure is intended to create general public awareness regarding the impacts of general housekeeping/maintenance activities.

Solutions to Water Pollution -  Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care Industry
Content intended to inform the general public, professional chemical applicators & lawn maintenance professionals on the proper use, storage and disposal of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.