Responsibilities & Services
The Engineering Department provides supervision and technical assistance to the Town on various projects and services relating to public facilities and serves as staff support to the Stormwater Advisory Committee. Services provided by the Engineering Department staff include the following:
  • Commercial Developments and Subdivision Plats - Review of site plans, subdivision plats and construction of public infrastructure such as subdivision streets and drainage systems to ensure compliance with the Town's engineering regulations.
  • Drainage Improvements - Provides design and oversight of drainage improvement projects constructed by the Public Works Department.
  • Park/Greenway Construction Projects - Performs oversight of park and greenway improvements in cooperation with the Parks and Leisure Services Department.
  • Pavement Management - Supervision of resurfacing contracts, which includes the recommendation of streets to be resurfaced based upon thorough inspections.
  • Road Construction Projects - Supervision of consultants and contractors in the design and construction of roads, including right of way acquisitions and utility coordination.
  • Stormwater Matters Water Quality Program/NPDES - Oversee the stormwater program and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and provide support to the Stormwater Advisory Committee.
  • Traffic Management Program - Recommend safety improvements (i.e. traffic calming) within Farragut subdivisions upon request.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
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