Human Resources

Equal Opportunity Employer
The policy of the Town is to foster, maintain, and promote equal employment opportunity. The Town shall select employees on the basis of an applicant’s qualifications for the job and award them, with respect to compensation and opportunity for training and advancement, including upgrading and promotion, without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, disability, national origin, veteran status, or genetic information.

Human Resource Development Department
The Town of Farragut Human Resources Development Department’s manager oversees and coordinates several programs and services for Town employees. The HR Manager also facilitates the risk management component of Town administration. Listed below is an overview of some of the services the department provides.

The Town offers full-time employees a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, vision and dental coverage, life insurance, a 401(k), long term disability, flexible spending accounts, and several other benefits.

Employee Records and Information System
The Human Resources department maintains all employee information, records and files, some of which is managed by computerized information systems.

The department organizes and coordinates the recruitment, screening and selection process for all positions in the Town. The goal for this service is to assure equal opportunity employment for all citizens and applicants.

Health & Safety
The Town has an occupational and work place safety training program. Additional components of this service are evaluation of accidents, administering the workers’ compensation program, safety training and other support services to enhance work place safety.

This service provides assessment of training needs for various departments and coordination of training programs to enhance employee growth and development.

Risk Management
This department coordinates and resolves property and liability issues including submitting claims to the Town’s property and liability insurance carrier, Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool. Additional responsibilities include pro-active initiatives to protect the town from frivolous litigation.

Job Openings
The Town of Farragut does not accept applications for jobs unless there is an advertised vacancy. View current employment opportunities.